Selected Projects


Production: Ulumio

Dir: Igor Kawecki (KAVKA STUDIO)

DOP: Marek Mogilski, Paweł Traczyk

Editing/color grading: Igor Kawecki (KAVKA STUDIO)

Genre: Music video


Dir: Monika Meleń

Screenplay: Monika Meleń

DOP: Roman Piotrowski

Editing/color grading: Igor Kawecki (KAVKA STUDIO)

Producer: Aneta Zagórska

Production: Krakow Film Klaster

Executive producer: Krakow Film Klaster

Co producer: Polish Television S.A.

Co financed: Polish Film Insitute

Cast : Małgorzata Wilczek, Krystian Wizner

Premiere 2021


One more day is an amazing film about hope and steadfastness of the spirit, about love and perseverance in the face of tragedy. Gosia has muscular dystrophy. In the last moments of her life, she decides to embark on a crazy journey to distant Romania with her dedicated partner – Krystian. Her purpose is unique. Although it is a difficult and challenging journey, their love is able to cross the biggest barriers.



Dir: Igor Kawecki, Betina Bożek

Screenplay: Igor Kawecki, Betina Bożek

Editing/color grading: Igor Kawecki (KAVKA STUDIO)

Animation: Betina Bożek

DOP: Marek Gajczak

Producers: Aneta Zagórska, Robert Sowa

Production: Krakow Animaton Center, Krakow Film Klaster

Co production: Krakow Festival Office

Genre: Documentary/Animation


There was a shoemaker is a documentary and animated story about an inconspicuous shoemaker’s workshop in Krakow’s Kazimierz. An old shoemaker, Mr. Andrzej, is creating another work in the comfort of his studio. The shoes he made by hand are not only his passion and profession but an escape into the world of colorful and magical fantasy. Unexpectedly, his shoes come alive. With a sense of humor and nostalgia, they play together as actors in the shoemaker’s “tango de amor”.


Production: Krzywy Kadr

Dir: Marek Mogilski

DOP: Paweł Traczyk

Editing/color grading: Igor Kawecki (KAVKA STUDIO)

Genre: Music video

Traditional folk music of Podhale, Spisz, Bulgary and Ukraine.


Production: KAVKA STUDIO

Dir/DOP: Igor Kawecki

Editing/color grading: Igor Kawecki (KAVKA STUDIO)

Genre: Music video

Music video for psychedelic rock band Blisko and series of live studio session


Dir: Maryia Yakimovich

Screenplay: Maryia Yakimovich

DOP/animation/editing: Maryia Yakimovich

Colorgrading: Igor Kawecki (KAVKA STUDIO)

Producer: Robert Sowa

Production: ASP Krakow

Genre: Documentary

Genre: Documetary/animation

The film is shaped as a diary of the author’s memories telling about the problematic relationship between father and daughter caused by the father’s mental illness, and the troubles caused by this condition during the author’s growth.


Dir: Marek Gajczak

Screenplay: Julia Ramos Puente, Dror Noi, Marek Gajczak

DOP: Marek Gajczak, Dariusz Jarzyna

Editing: Aleksandra Idzikowska, Igor Kawecki (KAVKA STUDIO)

Animation: Igor Kawecki (KAVKA STUDIO)

Producer: Aneta Zagórska

Production: Krakow Film Klaster

Co-producer: Monika Sobańska, Oscar Argumosa Sainz

Executive producer: Barton Film

Genre: Documetary

The premise of the film and the book is to disseminate the holistic method of creating projects called “Dragon Dreaming”. This tool was created in the 90s in Australia and is inspired by the culture of Aborigines, the indigenous people of this continent. Dragon Dreaming’s innovation is based on a holistic approach to problem-solving, flattening the team management structure and the Win-Win-Win philosophy as the foundation for any activity.


Dir: Igor Kawecki

Screenplay: Igor Kawecki

Editing: Igor Kawecki (KAVKA STUDIO), Wojciech Słota

DOP: Igor Kawecki

Producer: Robert Sowa

Production: ASP Krakow

Genre: Documentary

The film tells the story of the last residents of the tenement house in Cracow’s Kazimierz district. The guide who is also the main narrator is a 25-year-old Olaf who lives on the border between fantasy and reality. In his unique and subjective way, he talks about himself, his family and his neighbors. Observing the gradual gentrification of the Kazimierz district, and also aware that his family home will soon cease to exist, he increasingly escapes into internal experiences and fantasies. One of them is the conviction that the tenement house on Brzozowa street, where he lives, is the central place of the universe – an Eye of God.